Comida Boa

Comida Boa is a healthy and low-carb frozen food delivery service. The e-commerce was developed by Studio Haste using WordPress + WooCommerce + custom theme and plugins.

I led the project, developed the design and the front-end of the website, and I was responsible for the art direction for product photography.

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Case study

An e-commerce is born

In 2018, they approached us to develop the website. At that time, they had started a small business, with only an Instagram profile to promote the low-carb meals, and conducting sales through WhatsApp. The process, therefore, was extremely manual, slow, and prone to errors.

I started the process by mapping the main pain points of the client and users. From there, we leveraged the WordPress + WooCommerce structure to address these key issues.



The e-commerce was launched in 2018. In the first 2 months of operation, the company tripled its revenue. The turnover continued to grow consistently in the following years.